spineSpine and Pain Institute Expands

The program has grown to meet community needs.

A major renovation project completed this spring nearly doubled the square footage of MidState’s Spine and Pain Institute, which has seen a steady increase in patient volume since it opened in 2007.

“The program started with one physician. Now we have seven providers —physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants,” says Eric Lisitano, PT, MHA, the institute’s operations manager. “We needed to expand the space to meet the needs of our patients and providers.”

The renovations doubled the number of exam rooms from five to 10, increased the number of physician offices from three to four and created a waiting area for patients. The additional space allows the program to better accommodate the growing number of patients needing
care. Spine and Pain Institute providers typically see more than 500 patients a month.

Practitioners on the institute’s multidisci- plinary team treat all forms of pain, including that resulting from back and neck problems, cancer, trauma and a range of acute or chronic conditions. Treatment is custom-tailored to each patient and ranges from medication, physical therapy, injections and radiofrequency therapy to biofeedback, relaxation therapy and more. Patients must be referred to the institute by a physician.

In addition to the physical expansion, the Spine and Pain Institute took another significant step forward this spring when it transitioned from paper charts to an electronic medical record. “This was a big year for us and for our patients,” Lisitano says.

Our Spine & Pain Institute can be reached by calling 203-694-8414.